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     1. Port Numbers
     2. Registory
     3. WAN IP address

 1. Port Numbers
  IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) is responsible for assigning TCP and UDP port numbers to specific uses. The port numbers are divided into three ranges:
  1. 0– 1023 : Well Known Ports (list all)
  2. 1024-49151 : Registered Ports(list all)
  3. 49152-65535 : Dynamic and/or Private Ports
  Popular ones are;
20 FTP - data port
21 FTP - control (command) port
25 SMTP - used for e-mail routing between mailservers E-mails
37 TIME protocol
53 DNS (Domain Name System)
80 HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) - used for transferring web pages
110 POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) - used for sending/retrieving E-mails
366 MTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. ODMR, On-Demand Mail Relay
443 HTTPS - HTTP Protocol over TLS/SSL (encrypted transmission)
445 Microsoft-DS (Active Directory, Windows shares, Sasser worm, Agobot, Zobotworm, SMB file sharing)
1723 Microsoft PPTP VPN
3389 Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT)
5631 Symantec pcAnywhere
8080 HTTP Alternate (http-alt) - used when running a second web server on the same machine (the other is in port 80), for web proxy and caching server, or for running a web server as a non-root user. Default port for Jakarta Tomcat.

2. Registry
Should not have to touch, but.....
  • Remote Desktop Port : HLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDT-Tcp\PortNumber

3. WAN IP address
You can verify your orginization's WAN IP address by clicking
here .
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